The Singing Shop
What does The Singing Shop offer?

Like any other singing schools, we offer singing lessons to help individuals improve singing skills. What makes us stand out is that our training is not just about hitting those high notes, but it’s about learning the art of singing!

Can I enroll even if I can’t sing?

Sure. We believe that there is a singer in everyone. Enroll and get the right training and vocal coaching from our voice instructors and you will be able to sing your favorite songs and even impress others.

What should I do to improve my skills?

A good way to get good results from your singing class is to discuss first with your vocal instructor as to what you want to achieve at a specific time frame. Be open to criticisms, be receptive to new techniques and do your vocal exercises seriously and regularly.
I have taken singing lessons for the longest time but I still cannot sing well. Why?

A lot of factors may be affecting your progress. Lack of practice, absentmindedness, lack of interest and lack of confidence are common stumble blocks. It is also important to know your limitations and be realistic with your expectations. Be diligent and stay positive!

How do I know if I have improved in singing?

We conduct in-house practical exams twice a year. Whenever we feel like you’re ready, we will propose that you sign up for the exam.

Are the teachers good at The Singing Shop?

Our teachers are a mix of dedicated professionals from a wide range of expertise and experiences. Although some have been in the music industry for more than a decade, we continue to conduct annual workshops for teachers to ensure that what we offer is constantly updated and upgraded.