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Microphone Singing Course ("MSC") is a course tailored for individuals who wish to enhance their singing skills. Through this, a person learns to sing effectively using the proper vocal techniques. MSC develops self-confidence and all students are trained to sing and perform in front of a live audience.
Junior Microphone Singing Course
(5 - 13 years old)
Singing is beneficial to children. It is a very effective tool for self- expression. Children who are exposed to singing are confident. They have high self-esteem and a positive outlook in life. Children who take part in this course are given a chance to take part in our recitals or students’ nights as part of their learning experience.
MSC Adult Beginner’s Program
MSC Adult Advanced Program
Learn basic vocal techniques at your own pace and time.
Take your lessons to the next level. Be graded, evaluated by our in house vocal instructors.

No pressure of taking exams.
Free to work on your chosen repertoire of songs.
Course duration can go from 6 months onwards.

There are four (4) levels to go through. Basic, Intermediate, Final and Performance Level.
Stage, host and perform at your own recital-show upon finishing all levels.
Certificates will be awarded for all levels for successful participants.